Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Not Intentionally Neglecting You

I'm really not trying to ignore all of you faithful readers.  Ha!  I've just been busy.  Mostly with schoolwork.  MY GOODNESS!  I didn't realize how much effort it would take to go back to school!  I spend most of my free time studying- it's good though.  I think my brain was turning into cornmeal. 

It's all better now. :) 

Aside from studying, I've been doing my normal mothering things like:

Making sure Spidey doesn't break any limbs.


Fool acting in the van while we wait for the other kids to come out.  We have some "fish face" pictures and such, but I just couldn't bear to post them.  oh my goodness...they were bad.

Watching sleeping 'babies'  Okay, he's 3, but he's my baby.

Cuddling with savage beasts. (the kids, not the dog)

Making sure another Spiderman doesn't break any limbs- who knew kids could climb walls?!? Mine have made it an art form. 

Playing in the lawn with afore mentioned savage beast.

And finally, putting people to bed.