Monday, May 12, 2014

Break Time!

Well, I'm glad that's over!  I finished my finals for the semester, and am so happy to say I got A's in both my classes!  Now I can relax a bit…well, as much as any woman with 5 kids can relax.  

We went on our 2nd camping trip to Turkey Run State Park this weekend.  It was fantastic! It's nice to be out in nature and away from the daily tasks of life.  Indiana has some of the best parks around.  

 Jeremiah wasn't feeling the greatest this weekend, so he hitched a ride on Josh's shoulders for most of the hiking. 

There were little waterfalls all over the place.  

We found a nest of Canadian geese, and while they (in my opinion) make ugly, obnoxious adults, they certainly do have cute babies! 

Happy Spring!!