Thursday, February 21, 2013


All is going well in the Masquelier household.  Isaac and Christian have been busy with basketball.  One has practice on Mondays, the other on Thursday and games every Saturday.  Abigail will be performing in the Spring Musical for school.  She has been working hard rehearsing, but since she has a lead role, she often has to stay after school.  Thankfully not as often as Elijah did for the musical he was in!  Elijah recently performed at Solo & Ensemble.  He got a gold for both his trumpet solo, and his piano solo.  And Jeremiah is POTTY TRAINING.  Need I say more... I've been busy with school.  My life revolves around math- but that's okay.  I still manage to accomplish all of my other responsibilities :)    And it won't last forever.  Josh has been very busy with work (thankfully) And we are all looking forward to SPRING!!!

Heidi is adapting well to the family.  Everybody loves her, but I think she thinks she is one of my children.  

I gave all the boys a haircut.  I really didn't want to give one to Jeremiah because his curls are just so sweet, but he insisted.  Now he looks like a big boy.  He'll be 3 on March 25th and is really looking forward to his birthday.  He wants me to make him a dinosaur cake.  One that looks like a REAL dino. We'll see buddy, we'll see...

I still haven't removed the crib from the boys room, but I took the front off of it so it's kind of a couch for their room.  They like to pile blankets and stuffed animals in it.  But today I found a large dog.  Again, she's not supposed to be on the I said, she thinks she is a kid.

I told Abigail from now on she is going to be my "shadow" and do all of the things I do- helping in the kitchen, folding laundry, etc...Her response to that was "Mom, have you ever read the story about the shadow by Hans Christian Anderson?"  I said I couldn't remember...she then told me maybe I should reconsider the shadow idea.  That peaked my interest, so I looked up the story.  Apparantly the shadow ultimately kills the person...What's up with those fairy tales anyway?  She has been helping me a lot lately though.

All of the kids are continuing their piano lessons.  Isaac has moved up a level, so he was happy to play his new song for me. 

And for some reason, Elijah really enjoys peeling and chopping potatoes.  Go for it young man!  Here he is showing off his fast peeling skills.

Little Christian is becoming such a good reader!  It's fun to watch him develop his skills.  He is a sweet little guy.

That about wraps things up for a while.  :)  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Few and Far Between

It's not that I don't love you guys. (my loyal 5 or 6 regular readers)  But I have found with the onset of school, trying to maintain my home, tending to my family, and keeping my sanity, my blogging days are going to be limited.  As if I'm a consistent blogger anyway, but you know.  I feel like I need to explain myself should I be absent for a while.  I wouldn't want you all to feel like I'd abandoned you, or  I had fallen off the face of the earth.

About 3 weeks ago, Josh announced to me that I was going to be a mother again.  Okay, maybe he didn't say it quite like that- but I knew what was going to happen as soon as he made the announcement that he found some German Shepherd pups and he wanted to adopt one.  (NOOOOO!  THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING TO ME, IS HE SERIOUS??)  Josh has talked for years and years and years about getting a dog, especially a German Shepherd, but I never thought he'd actually follow through.  I figured he'd do a little research, daydream a bit, and that would be it.  

3 weeks ago this Sunday, a little (big) pup entered our lives.  At first I was very resistant.  I said I would take care of "the dog's" basic needs, but I would have nothing to do with it other than that.  No brushing, bathing, potty duty, and certainly no petting, belly rubbing or sweet talking.  I have enough kids.  I don't need a dog.

Well, my tune has changed since then.  Actually, I haven't felt those negative feelings since the minute she came into the house.  She was just so cute and lovable.  I had no choice but to become her mommy.  

Sure, she's a handful.
She's wild.
Disobedient sometimes most of the time
And she steals Jeremiah's lunch.  

But Abigail finally has the sister she has always wanted.  

Here is a picture of the girl. (Heidi)  This was only a few days after we got her.   I was attempting to take her for her first walk- it didn't go so well, as she didn't care for being on a leash.  But, we took a walk this afternoon and she actually made it around the whole block!

She has grown a lot already.  She is now about 31/2 months old and is larger than a lot of full grown dogs!  I hear her running through the house chasing the kids, and I can't imagine what it will be like when she is full grown!  Below is a picture of her waiting to steal my lunch. (note the huge ears...listening for the tiniest morsel to hit the floor)

Aside from the new dog, nothing terribly exciting is going on around here.  But in my opinion, adding a dog to the mix is enough excitement for me!