Friday, November 29, 2013

Drumstick dash!

This year, Josh and I decided to sign up to run the Drumstick Dash.  Since it's a short race, only 4.6 miles we decided to sign the older 3 up to run it with us.  It's a great race to run, because most of the money raised goes to support the Wheeler Mission, a local homeless shelter that provides not only meals, but addiction recovery programs, etc…

It was such a cold morning- only about 19 degrees, but the kids were up and ready to go!

They all did a great job.  Abigail and Isaac both ran the entire time, and kept a pace of 6mph (10 minute mile) so I was impressed.  Isaac even kept some energy back so at the end of the race, he was able to sprint to the finish and beat Josh.  It was a lot of fun, and something I would recommend for any family looking to start a new Thanksgiving tradition.  

In other news, Josh decided it would be a good idea to get a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving.  And by 'fresh' I don't mean never frozen.  By fresh, I mean living, breathing, heart-pulsating, eyeball-looking-at-you, living.  I didn't really believe him at first.  But he came home with this:

hey what am I doing here?

Heidi went nuts for a while over the turkey.  Thankfully, we have a fenced area we were able to put the turkey in until 'the big event' so Heidi couldn't slaughter it for us.

Josh and his new friend

It wasn't exactly easy to slaughter the turkey (more emotionally taxing than hard to do!)  Thankfully I didn't have a part in it :)  Josh said it really makes you appreciate where your food comes from.  He managed to get all of the feathers off and innards out.  Josh is not afraid to do new things.  I am always impressed with his ability to just go for it.  I am much more apprehensive.  

Abigail really enjoys helping out in the kitchen.  I have been trying to give her more responsibility in that area.  This year she helped with many things. 

Jeremiah was supposed to help daddy and Elijah rake the leaves.  He thought it would be a good idea to jump in the pile!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Exciting times!

These are some exciting times…

After years and years of pondering, thinking, discussing, we are finally taking the plunge.  Can you guess what we are doing?  Here are some hints:

If you haven't guessed already, we are going to get chickens.  This is exciting news, folks.  Josh and I have both wanted to raise chickens for a while (we did raise a pig, after all- which is FAR WORSE than chickens could ever be…at least I imagine.

I don't know what has taken us so long to finally go for it.  

I'll be sure to keep you all informed as we make progress!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I have much to be thankful for.  Don't we all?  There is always a reason to rejoice, always a reason to thank God.  

Three years ago around this time of year, I was 'diagnosed' with MS.  I don't really think I have MS, I'm just not sure the Neurologist knew what else to say.  I fit the model. I had a few lesions on my brain, I had loss of motor function, evidence of protein in my spinal fluid, not to mention extreme burning and numbness in my extremities, as well as in my face.  Weird, I know.  

I started taking various medications, including rounds of intravenous steroids (to control inflammation) tramadol (for pain- a "fake" opioid ) klonopin (for vertigo) excessive amounts of vitamins (for the heck of it) I was also prescribed, but never actually took Lyrica, Teriflumoide (or something like that) Cymbalta, and some other things that I don't remember.  

I hated the way I felt, and I hated the thought of being in bondage to medication if I didn't 100% without a doubt need to be.  I was also terrified of the thought of a wheelchair, but as things progressed my muscles became more atrophied and I didn't have a lot of strength in my legs.  I was so dizzy and I fell pretty much every time I closed my eyes. Oftentimes in the shower.  I had Zero balance!

I started running before I had MS, and even maintained a running lifestyle during my pregnancies.  However, the most I ever ran at one time was about 2 miles.  After I was diagnosed with MS, I quit running.  Not only was it physically difficult to run because of the numbness, it was mentally challenging, because honestly I was a little depressed.  

So I didn't run from about November 2010 to April 2011.  Then, for reasons that I don't quite remember, I decided to go out for a jog.  I was apprehensive because I was prone to falling and my legs were numb.   I felt nervous about running on the road, so I started running on the treadmill at the YMCA.  I figured if I fell, at least I wasn't at risk of getting run over by a car!

Then, sometime in the Fall of 2011, Josh announced to me that we were going to run a half marathon.  A WHAT?? You want me to run 13.1 miles?  

But I did it.  I had learned a technique of counting my steps as I ran, and it helped me stay balanced.  Thankfully I don't need to do that anymore!

I continued to run and get stronger.   Eventually I stopped taking all of my medications.  That is another story, but I will tell you one thing, some people in the medical profession are not in the business of keeping you off medications, that is for sure!  The last time I was at my Neurologist office (about a year ago) I mentioned to him that I would like to stop taking benzodiazapines, (klonopin) because I had read some pretty horrible things about them,  I thought they might actually be making my vertigo worse, and I'd really like to try to deal with things medication free for as long as possible.  His response:

So do you want to up your dose since it's not helping with the vertigo anymore?

Oh jeez, did he even hear a word I said?  At that point I decided to stop seeing my Neurologist.  I'll find a new one if I decide to go back!

Wow, this is not really what I had set out to write about, but that is okay.  I guess my message is, if you're dealing with a chronic illness, especially one that entails chronic pain or numbness- put those MUSCLES and NERVES to work!  Take care of yourself.  Eat well, limit fast food/junk food, get outside and enjoy the sunshine when it's available.  Don't resign yourself to thinking you can't, because chances are, you probably can! 

It's easy to fall into depression or bunny trail down paths of miracle medications.  Don't get me wrong, I am NOT anti-medication, I know that medication can work wonders in some people's lives, but first start taking care of yourself in the best way possible.

As I write this, I still deal with the effects of MS (or whatever it is!) Today I woke up and my legs are on fire.  When I put my hands under the cold water, it feels like the water is burning hot. It's hard to hold a pen because my fingers are so numb.  When I take a step, I feel like I'm being stung by a hoard of killer bees.  I think I have a cold, and I've noticed when my immune system is down, or seasons change, I tend to have flare ups.  That is okay.  I will deal with it, and if it gets too bad, I had better find myself a new neurologist so I can get some IV steroids :) 

Okay, now I must get back to my real life, which consists of playing a game of "spot it" with Jeremiah, then going to pick up the kids from school

This is us at the Monumental Half Marathon last Saturday (Nov.2) Our 4th half marathon! I ran my best time 1:55 yeah, baby!  We are now officially signed up for a full Marathon in April...oh dear.  26.2 miles, here I come.  

A picture of Christian and Heidi dog, just because I think this picture is way too cute to not post.
He looks so happy- he loves his dog.

We went to Turkey Run during Fall break- we really enjoy hiking at the State Parks in Indiana.  We really do have some beautiful parks in this state!  
I am so thankful for my family.