Thursday, January 24, 2013

School & stuff

School, school, school!  I dream about equations, writing & critiquing papers...

I forgot how much work it is!  I am managing things, but I couldn't do it without the support of my family!

I am so thankful to my dad and Julie for watching Jeremiah for me so I can attend class- I don't know what I'd do without them!  He's enjoying himself as well, and getting to know his cousin, Luke.  (because they watch Luke certain days of the week)  I think they'll be good friends, especially since Jeremiah pointed out that they have something in common- Jeremiah's middle name is Luke.

I am also thankful to my kids for understanding that I need to study & do a lot of work, and Elijah for helping me with some things.  He likes to help me, and I enjoy his help.  I'm also thankful that Josh is encouraging and supportive of this endeavor. He's actually the one who prompted me to go back to school.  While I don't like to miss church, we have decided that he'll take the kids to church alone on Wednesday nights so I can have a chunk of time to get some work done (which is great!) This is a big deal- taking 5 kids anywhere alone is huge! Added bonus, I don't have to cook dinner, because our church offers dinner every Wednesday night- and it's usually pretty good.  Josh will just get mine to go :)    But don't worry- I haven't turned into a pagan because I don't go to church on Wednesday night!  I have a good friend Gretchen @ to hold me accountable.  She has been a blessing to me, encouraging me to memorize scripture and stay in the word.

There is a balance though.  I never want school or work to supercede my duties as a wife and mother.  My plan is to get through school very slowly- my family needs me.  I plan to take 2 classes at a time- no summers- until Jeremiah starts kindergarten.  When he is in kindergarten I will go full time (only because I have to- at that point I'll be in clinicals, so I don't have a choice)

My ultimate goal is to become a hospice nurse.  I know it may be an odd thing to desire,  but it is something I've always wanted to do.  Perhaps I'll change my mind as I get further along, but for now, that is my goal.  And we all need goals.

Speaking of goals, and on a completely different subject, I have two other goals:

Potty train Jeremiah
Potty train Heidi

For those of you who don't know- we adopted a doggie.  She is wonderful (I was AGAINST the idea, but Josh thought it would be good for the kids & family protection)  I vowed I would do nothing to HELP HIM IN ANY WAY in regard to the dog, but I find myself loving her- and I can't help it.  She is so sweet.  She is a 3 month old German Shepherd.  She's obviously smart, and easy to train- but I don't know much about dogs, so I'm going to have to do some research.

Jeremiah on the other hand...
I know ALOT about kids.
I've potty trained 4 people, but this guy is giving me trouble.  Typically he sits on the potty and does nothing.  Then as soon as he gets a diaper on, he does something.  I've never had potty training issues before, so this is new to me.  He'll be 3 in March, and I'm tired of buying diapers.  But I won't be too hard on him- I know all kids are different, and he is my baby. 
This picture does not do her justice, but it will have to do for now.  She is so good with the kids, I can already tell she has the desire to love and protect them.

Okay- better get back to my 'real' work.


  1. My maternal grandmother passed away last week and was at home with hospice for two weeks prior. I was able to meet her nurse. I admire you for wanting this job. It takes a lot of heart.

    I'm with you on the dog, thing. Joe thinks we should get one, but so far it hasn't happened...whew!

  2. Congratulations on your new family member! I grew up with dogs as pets and they will turn into part of the family if you let them. And they are great for protection - even if they just let you know something is not right... Or if there is somebody waking by the house. Or if a car horn honks. Or if trash blows across the yard....

  3. Praying for you! Hospice nurses are wonderful & I think you'd make a great one!

    About potty training, maybe the change in routine (you going to school & the new puppy) are affecting him some. Jeff started traveling about the time I was trying to train Jess. Just give him more time & I'm sure he'll catch on to it!