Monday, July 28, 2014

It's been a busy summer.  It's been a short summer.  The kids start school on Wednesday- I can't believe it!  Jeremiah will start preschool- we debated about whether or not to send him, but he seems to really want to go to school, so we decided it was time!  All my babies are growing up :) We've had a fun summer with lots of camping, swimming, & playing outside.  

Josh lets the kids ride in the back of the truck through the campground (not on main roads, of course!!)  I guess it's no more dangerous than a hay ride?? It keeps 'em quiet though.

 I got tons of black raspberries this year.  Wish I would have frozen some, but they made such delicious fresh pies, I just didn't have enough to freeze…maybe next year!
This is what my backyard might look like if we didn't mow… I think I like all of the wildflowers.  I'm sure Elijah would be happy about that.

It's been such a cool summer, the pansies have lasted since March…it's the end of July!  I wonder if they'll last until the fall?

We had a great picnic downtown this year for the 4th of July. 

Little boys know how to make a fire.  Not sure if that is a good thing or not.  

Enjoying some back yard races.  

And a backyard cookout with family

Spring Mill State Park with friends

Enjoying the day

Abigail loves her brothers- story time with Abby

My Zinnias are finally blooming!  

Mr. Elijah with a fresh haircut

And the garden…we have had so many green beans this year!  It's been great!  

SAY CHEESE!  I've enjoyed the summer off with the kids- looking forward to what's in store for this upcoming school year and beyond!

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