Friday, August 31, 2012

a new day

A new day.

I'm glad I get a new day, every day.

A new day to make things better, to make things right.  Do I do that?  Not always.   But I'm thankful I at least I have the opportunity.

The Lord has blessed me beyond measure.  I don't thank Him enough.  He is the God who provides all I need and much, much more.  I take things for granted.

Last weekend we went to Eagle Creek.  I'm just getting around to posting a few pictures because quite frankly, I've been in a little pit. My knee hurts, I did something terrible to my tailbone...just been feeling kind of gloomy.  And to top it off, I had a minor accident today (nobody was hurt)  But I'm sure my insurance rates are going to go up because of it.  That might hurt.

I have a great family.  I really do.  Having 5 kids can be, well, stressful at times.  I think I handle it fairly well, but I want to handle it better than just 'fairly well' I want to be an exceptional parent.  I really do have exceptional kids, so they deserve nothing but my best.  My best is not your best though, and sometimes that is where my problem lies.  I compare.  Mothers are so guilty of this.  So I will try to not compare- I will just do my best to be the best wife and mother I can be.  Anyway... here are some fabulous pictures.

Josh and some boys hitting the trails.  This one was a little dangerous. The fence broke off at times and opened to a large ravine just waiting for a 2 year old to plummet off of.

Eagle Creek.  Hopefully the water levels will get back to normal soon.

Christian found a walking stick.  I think he was beating things with it.

Isaac in a tree

This is just a random picture of me and Josh.  Twins.  He's my best friend.

Abigail in the tree...she is a serious tree climber.  She probably would have gone to the top had we allowed her.

Jeremiah with his walking stick.  As you can see, he is trying to break it.

Elijah was at his friends birthday party this day, so he was not with us.  It was odd to not have him along.  He is almost 13- his birthday is in just a few short weeks.  I know he's not "old" but I am becoming more aware that sooner than I think, he will be grown up and living apart from us.  It's a concept I can't really comprehend right now- but I'm beginning to see glimpses, and it scares me;  but also makes me feel excited about what the future holds for my kids.  What are these people going to become?  What great things will they accomplish in life.  I am already proud of them, and I'm sure the best is yet to come.  

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