Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Party's and a A new van!

It's been a busy week.  I think I start all of my posts out that way- if not, I should.  I'm sure a vast majority of my posts have the word "busy" in them...such is life...

This week my kitchen and laundry room flooded...laundry and dishes piled up...roto rooter was late- very very late, we bought a van, I was the craft lady for a bunch of kindergartners, and Abigail had a friend stay the night.  Plus all of the other 'normal' daily things...I won't go into the details.  It's just life.  It's busy, it's stressful, sometimes not so fun, other times wonderful- it's my life, and I am blessed.  I enjoy being SO BUSY.  I don't know what I'll do when it slows down...will it?

So my kitchen sink started having issues on Monday night.  I didn't know there was a serious problem.  It was getting backed up, so I did what any normal person would do and got out the plunger.  I plunged and plunged.  Eventually, the clog drained & all seemed fine.  Not so.  Tuesday morning (on the way to Bible study) I got a text from Josh that said "Your mom said there is a problem with the drain, you better get home to check it out"  So, I called him to find out the issue.  He said my mom was basically incoherent and couldn't describe to him what was going on. *surprise surprise*  and he really couldn't tell if the issues was serious or not by talking to her.  So I called her.  She said everything 'appeared' normal.  Okay, good.  I'll go to Bible study and try to fix it when I get home...

Well-  I went to bible study, then went to the car dealership, then the store, and then got the kids from school.

I was trying to peacefully drive home. but...

By this time Jeremiah was screaming that his tummy hurt. The kids were nearly clawing each others eyes out for 'who knows what'   I knew Elijah had to be picked up from school at 5:30, with a screaming, sick 2 year old & a husband who had to work late- I knew this was a bad combo.  I had no dinner plans, and all of my meat was frozen. So I called my dad & Julie and asked them to pick Elijah up for me.  Thank goodness they were able, because when I got home I walked into a MESS.  I didn't take a picture, I couldn't.  I just threw everything down and started mopping.  Screaming baby included. (no I didn't mop Jeremiah- I just threw him down.)

After hours of mopping, dinner making, baby changing, bath giving, teeth brushing, story reading...Josh came home.  He realized the problem was greater than his ability to fix.  (although he is very good at solving all of our home problems)  He called various plumbing places, but roto rooter was the only one who could be here "first thing in the morning"

good-problem solved

Because I had to go to the store and buy crafts for Christians KG Fall party Wednesday, and I didn't have time to wait around all day for the plumber.

Got the kids up Wed. morning and took them to school.  Back home by 8:20.  Waiting.
it goes on...

They finally arrived, I don't even know what time it was, but I was not happy.  No shopping for me.  Had to go to school to get the kids, then get Abigail to practice for church program., get our van...oh man, there just aren't enough hours in the day.  If you say you are going to be somewhere at 9am, do me a favor, and be there!  
"By My Country, I Will Never Use Roto Rooter Again!" 
(i was not endorsed or paid by anyone to say that)


The party was great.  I have a knack for painting with people between the ages of 2-6. (odd, I know)  Jeremiah 'helped' me at the party.  We had a great time.  The original idea was to trace each child's arm and hand with brown construction paper to make the trunk, cut it out, then glue it to light blue paper.  Then make leaves using sponges & paint to decorate.  I'm not afraid of 5 year olds and paint.  They had fun, and I really enjoyed being in the class room.  I will never regret the decision to send the kids to Kingsway- they have THE BEST teachers, and they LOVE parental involvement, even if you have to bring a tag a long younger sibling with you.  I'm sure most schools are like this, but I am so pleased with our choice.  

Since it's Fall break, Abigail wanted to have a friend spend the night.  It's hard for us to get together with friends sometimes because we are not close to school.  I thought the kids would have fun making sugar cookies.  They had fun rolling, cutting, and decorating...but did they want to help clean up?  say what?

Oh yes, and here is my new van.  I LOVE it.  It is an 8 passenger.  We only need 7 (usually) but I can't decide whether to keep the 8th seat in permanently or not.  We didn't need a new van, because ours is still running-( with it's own issues, but thanks to my very competent husband, he is always able to fix it- he really is something...) but we wanted to be proactive.  Josh is using the old van for work, and we're going to save our car (Toyota corolla) for Elijah.  He is only13, but....time goes by quickly...and we want to be prepared.  The inside of this van is very luxurious (in my opinion) NO leather seats, but I figured the kids would pop holes in them anyway, so why bother?

Abigail, Aubrey, Isaac, Christian, and Jeremiah "gardening"

The fall party...yes, my pics are out of order- sorry.


  1. Nice! Despite the hectic life you’re living, it’s nice that you still gave yourself a reward, or consider the van as such. I’m sure the kids will all fit comfortably. I think that’s how we should judge vans. It shouldn’t just be able to carry a huge load, it should also be comfortable. Congrats! :D

  2. Good thinking about reserving your Toyota Corolla for Elijah! You are right! Sometimes, time goes by too quickly that you wouldn’t even notice how fast the kids are growing. Having three cars may be tough on maintenance fees, but if you are careful and attentive to your cars’ needs, they will all last for decades.

    Tyra Shortino