Friday, October 5, 2012

hair cut

Life is going by so fast- I can't believe it's already October!  So much to say...I just don't have a whole lot of time to blog about my fascinating life anymore.  (like I ever really had time)  Truth is, I'm rarely on the  computer since I got my fancy phone and ipad.  (thanks Josh- I really do love them...)  I just haven't quite figured out the art of blogging from either.  I'm sure there are ipad blogging geniuses out there- but I'm not one of them.  Anyhow...

My pictures are out of order- but oh well.   Jeremiah decided to cut his hair.  It's not so bad.  I was giving the other boys hair cuts- he kept climbing up in the chair begging me to cut his hair.  I just wasn't ready to cut off those lovely blonde locks.  I gently said  "no Jeremiah, mommy will cut your hair soon, just not today" That was not the answer he wanted.  I finished cutting Christians hair, unplugged the clippers and proceeded to give him a bath.  Next thing I knew I heard Abigail yell "MOM!!!"  Jeremiah had plugged the clippers in and decided to give himself a haircut.  I was able to fix it- thankfully the guard was still on and he didn't end up with a bald spot!

He still looks cute though- just look at him.  He is nearly a twin of Elijah at this age.  I need to get a picture out so I can compare them.  So cute!

I have been able to enjoy a lot of time with the kids.  Even though they are in school all day, I spend a lot of time at the school- participating in things, going on field trips, etc... I really enjoy it.  Sending the kids to Kingsway was one of the best decisions we've ever made.  They have the best teachers, and I know they are being academically and spiritually challenged.  Recently I went on a field trip with Isaac to Eagle Creek.  They have built a new nature/learning center.  I highly recommend it- very nice.  Isn't Isaac a handsome young man?

We went to my dads after church last week to celebrate my birthday.  For some reason, my dad thinks allowing a 13 year old to pull around his 4 siblings  on a tractor is perfectly legitimate...Perhaps- but it scared me to death.  They are all alive though. :)

And here is Mr. Curly Locks on my birthday- just days before he took the clippers to his hair.  I suppose he did need it cut, but I want him to be my baby forever.  I guess that is not possible.

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  1. I think he did a good job:)

    I finally cut Stephen's when Tim told me he looked like a girl.