Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finally...a place to sit.

Finally!  We have a place to sit.  Now we just need to get things put back in order.  Josh is going to hang some wall lighting and probably a ceiling fan.  He's also going to build some nice bookshelves for the I still won't be hanging any pictures.  Yet.  But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. They almost arrived for valentines day. Speaking of which, here is a picture of the kids decorating cookies. 

Jeremiah just ate the frosting, Christian added entirely too many sprinkles, but they had fun.  They love to decorate cookies.  Elijah had to decorate some a little later because he was out for a jog.  He and Lisa are planning to run the 5k at the mini marathon this year, so they've been training. 

Have a wonderful day! Does anyone know of any good furniture upholsterer's?  I've tried my hand at it,  but I just don't have the right tools. (or time)  I have a chair that is ripped beyond repair, and needs to be redone.  Let me know.  (Actually, Jeremiah tore a hole in it so he could eat the stuffing. He is a stinker sometimes, but I still love him)


  1. There is a guy from our church that does it and is really decently priced, that is what nates parents say. I can get his name if you want.

  2. By the way, saw them carrying in the couch. Really like it

  3. Jess,
    Yes- please get his name/number for me. A new chair would cost about $500 at least, and I don't want to spend any more money than I have to! The chair itself is in good condition.

    1. Yeah I will get it this weekend for you. Hopefully it will work for you!