Sunday, April 8, 2012


After church this morning the kids opened their Easter bags.  I didn't do baskets this year.  I find that they usually get demolished within the year (although I always intend to save them) and I end up spending too much money at the dollar store on new this year I opted for decorated brown paper sacks.  It worked well.

We hid some eggs in the back yard so the kids could have an Easter egg hunt.  It was fun.  They each got a 7 eggs, plus a 'special' egg (with $$ in it)  Not extravagant, but enough to be fun!  They enjoyed running around and searching for eggs.  Obviously Easter isn't about eggs and bunnies, but it is fun to do things like this.  My kids know what Easter is really about-

Easter is about Love, and the fact that Jesus loved us so much that he laid His life down for us. 
What does that mean?
Good question.
It's an odd concept to one who does not believe, and quite frankly, a mystery.  I could go into great detail about what I think it means, but I won't.  I'll spare you the cobwebbed corners of my mind. 

Today also marked a year that Josh's dad has been gone.  I wish the kids could have had the chance to know him better, to know him longer.  We never know when the Lord will take us- it is sad.  But in all things, He has a purpose.

He is missed by those who loved him.  Josh's dad was good to he and Lisa in so many ways.  Most importantly, he taught Josh that he should love the Lord.  Although we may not do that task perfectly, we are all a work in progress.   

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