Thursday, April 19, 2012

Let's hope he doesn't end up on a riverboat

I have lofty goals for my children.  I should.  They're smart, they're hard workers, and this is America.  They can do just about anything (within normal reason) that they want to when they grow up.  Engineer, Teacher, Pastor, Doctor, Lawyer, Nurse, Physicist, the sky is the limit. 

I just hope Christian doesn't discover Casino's and Riverboats.  My little man has been playing cards with grandma pretty much non stop for days!  It has become his passion.  This is good and bad. 

Good:  He is learning a lot about numbers
Bad:  He is learning that if he bets grandma a penny, and she loses, he earns a penny, plus gets to keep the one he already had.

Good:  He gets to spend time with grandma
Bad:  They argue because she is, in many ways, mentally about a 4 or 5 year old.

Good: He's learning fine motor skills
Bad:  He is learning how to shuffle and deal like a pro

Good:  It gets grandma out of bed
Bad:  Well, there's nothing bad about that, so I guess I won't worry to much about his card playing habit. 

Christian likes money (what kid doesn't)  But he REALLY likes money. (not in a bad way though- he has such a sweet nature and is not greedy at all)  He's always devising ways to get some, so hopefully he'll use that money loving skill to become a business owner- instead of a professional gambler!  Being a business owner is a gamble- right?  So maybe that is what he'll become. 

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  1. I can see some different things mine will be. It's so sweet that he is spending time with his grandma:)