Friday, June 15, 2012


We are on vacation.  I love spending time with my family...too bad vacation can't last forever. 

This is our first year coming to destin. It is lovely. The water is perfect, the sand is perfect, and our condo is right on the sand ~ oceanfront.  And my favorite people are here.  The Lord had blessed me.

Right now Josh and Elijah are fishing.  we've been to the beach every day, and had the best weather!  We went mini golfing (Jeremiah had lots of fun, I was worried it would be hard since he's only two) we've done a lot of grilling out, played games, and generally had a good time!

I can't say which beach is my favorite. All the ones we have been to have had their own special attributes, maybe each one is perfect in its time.

I love my family. Its nice to get to spend this time with them.

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