Friday, June 1, 2012

Teacher let the monkeys out.

Finally!  Summer break, but my goodness it sure felt more like fall break.  Not a problem though. The kids wanted to go swimming at the YMCA today, but since it only got up to 60 today I said no way!  We decided to go to the zoo instead.  We had so much fun. The lower than average temperature made the animals really act crazy.  Usually when we go the lions are sleeping, the bear is hiding, the giraffes are huddled under the farthest tree from the viewing area, etc...

The lions were pacing and roaring (slightly unnerving) the baboons were showing off like crazy, the beat was out and about, even the cheetahs were active. 

I was a nice mommy today and bought tickets for the rides.  I personally think rides should be free for members, but I did get a $1.00 discount!  the older kids rode the roller coaster. Jeremiah wanted to ride but was too little.  We all rode the train and merry go round.

I'm glad school is out.  It will new nice to do some fun things with the kids.  I love their school, Burr it's nice to have them ask home.  It's not going to be long until they're all grown up.  I don't want to wish I would have played with them more, read them more stories, had more meaningful conversations, been available...

They are a blessing, a heritage. I am hoping for a fantastic summer:-)

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