Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas concerts, growing up, and the like...

Elijah had his first band concert tonight.  He has ALWAYS loved music.  This morning, as I was getting ready for the day, I heard Chopin (famous pianist) coming up through the vents.  Not from my moms room, but from Elijah's room.  He loves classical music.  Some might call him weird, but I guess oddness just runs in the family.  I think it's great. 

We sing out of a psalter at church (psalms put to melody)  The psalter is much like a hymnal, in that it is set up in 4 part harmony.  When we sing together as a family (yes, we do this almost nightly...look back to the oddness part I mentioned above, which I think is great)  He always tries to sing the alto part, even though it is difficult if one is not trained.  The melody is in the soprano part, so that's where most people tend to go...unless they just decide to sing off key.  But Elijah doesn't sing off key, he really is reading that music.  It amazes me.  Anyway, where was I going with this...

Oh yes, the trumpet.  When Elijah first got his trumpet his was DEVASTATED.  He has a violin that was handed down to him.  He had no trouble picking out a few melodies, etc...He has played the piano since he was 5 and is quite good.  He plays things many adults couldn't play (no offense)  He can pick up a hymnal or psalter and just start playing.  (after a bit of picking through it) Music is one of his gifts.

So he got his trumpet and expected to be able to play it...immediately.  Right, why not? 

A totally different ball game.  His first few tries were a disaster in his mind.  He couldn't figure out how to blow through the mouthpiece...mouthpiece, what is this???  But he is diligent. (keyword)  He was determined to learn to play that trumpet.  His uncle Ian played well...he should be able to learn!   And he did.  I think he might become the next Mel Torme...only Ian will know who I'm talking about; if he reads this.  (Ian: remember one of our trips out west?  It was good 'ol Mel the WHOLE TIME!) 

I loved watching Elijah play in the band tonight at his school.  To be a part of a group, working together, trying to make something happen. That is a hard thing to accomplish.  They were great, no kidding.  I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom.  The band director is dedicated, and it appears that the kids were dedicated as well.  I am proud of him;  he has come so far.  When he first started the year he wanted to give up the trumpet and go for something easier, like the cymbals. (not sure if they are easier because I didn't play them)  but I encouraged him to stick it out, because I knew he could do it...and he did.  He is really growing up.  I am looking forward to seeing what kind of man he becomes.

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  1. Hey I know Mel Torme (thanks to my parents letting me watch Night Court as a young'in!). I do agree, they grow up SO fast!