Saturday, December 10, 2011

Handy Husband

I am so blessed to have a handy husband.  A few years back, he finished (about 90%) our basement.  He would have finished it completely, but we get water in the basement sometimes, so he was concerned if he put any type of flooring down, it would just get ruined.  We had to do something about the basement, because we were OUT OF ROOM upstairs.  We have a 3 bedroom ranch.  It was when I brought Christian home from the hospital that Josh realized something REALLY needed to be done about this, and fast!  We had my mom in one room.  Elijah was in the top bunk, Abigail was in the bottom, Isaac was in the crib, and Christian would be sleeping in the crib in our room.

Actually, he began the project during my pregnancy.  I think it was early spring before he was due...but very cold.  I heard digging outside my bedroom window.  And a lot of scraping.  But it was pitch black outside.  What in the world was going on?  I looked out the window to see Josh smiling up at me (in a crazy way) with a shovel.  He was digging out the window wells so he could put in egress windows.  You can't legally have a bedroom in a basement unless there is a window large enough for a person to get out of.  What a feat.  But he did it.  The earth was still frozen, and he dug for about 2 days to make enough room for two very large windows.

Three days after I brought Christian home from the hospital my dad came over with some sort of concrete saw-thingy (I'm so technical) and possibly a jackhammer.  They made a lot of noise ALL day busting up concrete for bathroom.  Welcome home, baby.  Maybe that is why Christian is so LOUD!

Eventually, he built a bathroom, 2 bedrooms with closets, an office space, enclosed laundry and storage, and a nice living space.  He is a perfectionist.  He put a lot of sweat into finishing this basement...the only problem was always with the floor.  We decided to paint it, and put some area rugs down.  But it just never really looked the best.  The paint always chips, and it's very cold. 

So, because my husband loves me so much, he decided to put some flooring down for me.  With the stipulation that there will be no flooring in any are where we have had water in the past. (He has been monitoring this for years in his mind, I guarantee it)  No flooring in the office space,  or bathroom.  (I really haven't complained about it...I've just made a few comments :)  We decided on inexpensive stuff for now, so if it gets all wet and moldy, we're not out a ton of money. 

He also recently put in a new garbage disposal and dishwasher in preparation for remodeling the kitchen.  Then on to the living room...It's not like 'things' mean the world to me.  I could live in a dirt hut and be content.  But it's nice to have a husband who cares about his family so much that he is willing to give up his time to work so hard for us. 

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  1. Sara, I love this blog. We also just finished our basement my grandad,Mark,and a handyman. Thats amazing Josh did that. Also my grandad is 80 and still work like is 40. God is so good. take care Happy New Year, god bless, Amanda