Friday, December 2, 2011

lessons learned

Sometimes I learn deep, spiritual lessons. Sometimes I learn lessons that at first hurt, but in the end result in making me a better person. Sometimes I learn lessons so I can teach them to others. Today I learned you should never bring a nearly 2 year into a very crowded Christmas season Kohl's with a balloon from "Red Robin" tied to his wrist. The balloon went up...and up...and up (man those ceilings are high) Mommy couldn't reach it. Even though I tried to climb on the racks. just kidding. maybe. Jeremiah's yells went up...and up...and up. (boy he's got some healthy lungs) Jeremiah couldn't understand it. Even though he tired, maybe. It was a bad idea from the beginning. I knew they should have just left their balloons in the van. But they wanted to bring them in. I relented. So, no deep spiritual lesson here. Just bringing back to memory why I think balloons are a bad idea.

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