Monday, December 19, 2011

Family photos and chipped teeth

I love my family.

Do I say that enough?  It is Christmas break around here.   I spent the first day of Christmas Break getting Isaac's tooth fixed.  He is the only 6 year old around with full on adult front teeth...and Saturday he chipped one of them.  I don't know how it happened.  We were on our way to the Dollar Tree (impressive, yes)  and he just fell off the front steps face first into the concrete.  Ughh...Our dentist is the best though, he got us in early this afternoon and had it fixed up within 45 minutes.  Good as new.

I played ALOT of games today.  My dad & step mom bought the kids some games for Christmas, so we had to try them all out.  I like to play games with the kids, I think it's fun.  Josh played games with them when he got home from work.  They like that, it's not too often daddy has time to sit down and play games.  I am looking forward to next week when Josh will have the whole week off.

We got our picture taken for the church directory (as you can see above)  I think it turned out nicely, unfortunately, Jeremiah was the only one not smiling.  He really is one of the most jovial people around...he smiles and laughs all of the time.  He just would NOT smile for these pictures.  I think the lights were confusing him.  Who knows...cute anyway. 

Tomorrow I will have the day with just Abigail & Jeremiah.  (my dad is taking the older boys to do 'boy' stuff)  Abigail and I will do some girlie stuff when Jeremiah takes a nap.  Our girlie stuff sometimes involves things that little babies should not be a part decorating cookies, sewing, making  Who knows, but what I do know is Jeremiah will be napping when our girlie stuff is taking place! 

I am glad to have some time just to relax with my kids.  Again, the Lord has blessed me beyond measure. 

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  1. Great picture, even with Jeremiah not smiling. He looks very sophisticated.

    Poor Isaac! I'm glad he's all fixed up.