Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where have I been, and other bits of knowledge.

 One would think that being away from my blog for only a few weeks wouldn't be that big of a deal.  But, I have acquired a terrible memory, so I forgot my password.  Had to get it a new one...no big deal...one in which I'm sure I'll forget if I neglect to blog or post a comment on someone else's blog in the near future.  I have too many passwords.  I even entered the wrong pin number for my debit card at Target today...twice.  How embarrassing.  I thought maybe I had Josh's card.  Nope.  Mine.  Oh well.

(kids at museum...note the name of the airplane)

We had a great Christmas Holiday.  Josh was off for 10 days, which was very nice.  Today was his first day back to work, and I miss him.  If only we could stay at home together.  Guess that is what retirement is for.  We'll get to that...someday.  We (he) got a lot accomplished while at home.  Ripped up the old floor, put in a new floor.  We hung some cabinets (together) "It's shake n' bake...and I helped"  That's how I felt about the cabinets.  He did most of the work, but made me feel good about helping.  We picked out some counter tops, hung a lot of pictures, he helped his sister with a few new things at her new house. We even managed to squeeze in a trip to Dayton to visit the Air force Museum, which I highly recommend. Even Abigail enjoyed looking at all of the airplanes. Then we stayed at a the Holiday Inn Express, which the kids love because there is an indoor pool & all you can eat breakfast.  (we are so blessed to be able to do these things with our kids)   After our trip to Dayton, Josh took the older kids out to Pittsburgh to visit his Papap, who is still not doing well.  He keeps hanging on.  Guess he enjoys the kids visits so much, he's hanging on to life.  He's 87 and has had cancer for quite a few years.

I am not very good at having the camera ready for those "special " occasions, like, you know...the important ones.  Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, etc...it seems like it's never charged at the right time, or I forget to bring it with me.  But, I did get this great shot:

He looks thrilled.
  He does have a T-shirt that says 'Future Astronaut'  I'm not sure how I feel about sending my baby up into oblivion, but C'est la vie, what can this mother do?  I can't even keep him from trying to eat the paint chips off the wall (which is under construction)  how will I keep him from outer space?  (we possibly have lead paint, but Josh put some heavy duty paper up until we get the tiles on the wall so Jeremiah won't get brain damage in the meantime.  The reason for the possible lead paint is because there used to be a hideous wood panel wall that so finely decorated our kitchen.  I'd had enough of it, so Josh tore it down.  Anyone who has been here knows how terrifying that thing was.  We're pretty sure the paint used under it was lead based because of the time the house was built.  

Anyway, I had a lot more to say, but that will have to wait for a future post, because one of  'them thar kids of mine' needs me.  In the meantime, have a blessed week.  

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