Saturday, January 21, 2012

the week

My baby has been sick for almost 2 weeks.

I am over it, I'm sure he is over it more than I.

It started with a stomach  bug/possible food poisoning...who knows, the boy will eat anything (except what I want him to eat)  Now he has a double ear infection & is on antibiotics.  Soon...soon.  I thank God that my children will most likely not die of some treatable infection;  thanks to doctors & medicine. 

My counters have been installed!!!! Yipee!  If you're friends w/me on FB, you can 'kind of' see some pics...(not the greatest) otherwise you'll have to wait 'til I have the gumption to post them on my blog. They do look great though.  Actually, I love them :)  Thanks honey.

Abigail did an amazing job cheerleading today.  It was her first much confidence, but not overly confident.  A good combination.  Isaac had his first basketball game today as well, in which he scored a few points for the team.  They both did great!  I have good kids.

Not much of great importance to report...just didn't want my blog go go to the wayside...have a blessed week. 

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  1. Poor little guy! I was blessed with the flu (i guess) this weekend. My hubby did a great job taking over for me.

    It sounds like the kids are having a lot of fun:)