Thursday, May 17, 2012


I don't know how this (if this) post will turn out.  Remember my mothers day fancy phone?  Well I'm trying to post this relying only on my phone, and only using words that appear with the Swipe mechanism. Thus its already bad because in place of the word
I wanted to use another word, but can't pick it up using this method.  Oh well.
And as far as picture placement, well..I don't even know. We shall see.  I'm pretty sure it came with an instruction Manuel, (hmmm...) but who has the time to read those? 
I would opt to USSR! (use) the computer. had to correct that one!  But josh is watching a game on the computer so here I San, (am). Ugh
Outran.  (No). I am beginning to think my fingers aren't meant for this.

Okay, where was I going. Oh yes, gardens.

Life is a garden- is it not?  But that kind of sounds trite.  It is not.  A garden is a constant reminder to me of many things in reference to my heart, to my life-

It constantly needs tended
It consistently needs water
It needs the sun
It must be weeded regularly
There are weeds out there that closely resemble the plant so
Be weary...

This is quite clearly not a picture of my garden.  Rather a picture of a Flinstones like vehicle with the door left ajar by a 2 year old boy trying to escape the hands the person who wanted to bathe him.  anyway...

I love these flowers.  Don't they just look like they are smiling at you?  I planted them in the beginning of March.  They don't need much- just a little water and sunshine.

This guy- he needs much.  Much more than the above flowers.  But he is yet another fruit in the garden.  He needs tending, nourishment, weeding (correction), and to learn the difference between right and wrong.  But he's oh so sweet.  God purposefully made little ones to be sweet as honey so we mommy's would want to provide for them.

You can't see them, but there are tomatoes planted here.  Also herbs and flowers.  It will truly be an act of GOD if the herbs grow.  Those seeds were smaller than a flea!

Ahhh...lovely.  My strawberries are growing!  We won't get a whole bunch this year, but they look so cute, don't they?

Here is my apple tree.  The kids bought if for me 6 years ago.  We have gotten a few tiny apples in the past, but nothing substantial.  I think we may get some larger ones this year.  We'll see.  Maybe if little hands can keep from pulling the tiny apples off before they are ready  :)

We have yet to plant our corn and beans.  We will do that this weekend! 

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  1. Those herb seeds ARE tiny! Our all came up, though, except for the mint.

    I like what you said about watching out for the weeds that look like the plants. That can be dangerous either way.- metaphorically