Tuesday, May 8, 2012

my, how fast 2 years can go by...

Last week I was doing the seemingly endless task of sorting through pictures.   Very overwhelming.  I don't know which ones have already been printed (with a few exceptions) so that made the job even more difficult.  As I searched through the pictures, I remembered something. Life is short, and while you're living the day to day- you just don't realize that your kids are growing up.  Here is an example, I still call Jeremiah a "little baby" does this look like a little baby to you?

I didn't think so.

This is what a little baby looks like, it's amazing what 2 years can do to a person!

Christian starts kindergarten in the Fall...I still see him as a toddler.  I think I am way off. 

Present day Christian

(well, actually this picture was taken last fall- but still. he is big)  

There was a time in the distant past (to me) forever ago (to him) in which Isaac LOVED Elmo.  He's way too grown up for that now.

He is much more into sports now.

And while she still likes Barbies, she enjoys reading, being outdoors, and creating things much more.

She likes climbing trees, even ones that aren't meant to be climbed.

Well, some things don't change.  He still loves lego's.  But he's so involved with other things; school work, baseball, piano, running, that he doesn't have much time!

A lot changes in two years...he still has a young looking face, but he has grown so much! 
I love my kids. 
I need to start scrap booking...I have a lot of catching up to do :)

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