Saturday, May 12, 2012

Next item up for bid...

Today was a busy day.  What am I saying?  Everyday is busy!  Josh bought me a fancy phone for mothers day.  I must admit, at first I was very apprehensive about such an extravagant gift, but I really love it!  Especially the fact that to text people I don't even have to type in real words!  It's amazing, it's like my phone has a brain- and that brain works better than my own.  Just a swipe of the finger and- voila!  you got yourself a word!  amazing.

                                                                               Don't mind these guys.  This is the reaction got when I said we were going to Meijer instead of Target.  THE NERVE!  Target has samples of  grapes and smoked sausage.  And free cookies. 

So I have a sink in my back yard.  It's for sale if anyone wants to buy it.  (just kidding-(( no really, if you want to buy it you can contact me.))  My brother says it could be worth a ton, considering it's lovely blue color. :)  I am no stranger to having junk in the backyard.  We have been doing a lot of renovating lately!

 Josh thought today would be a good day to renovate the bathroom.  It has been much needed.  Little did he know it wasn't going to be the simple swap out the toilet and sink- slap some flooring down and call it good.  NOOOOO....He should know by now that no project is ever what it seems. 

Upon pulling out the sink (see above) the taking out the toilet (I don't even know where he put that thing) then removing the old flooring, he discovered, much to his dismay, that the subloor was completely rotten.  Well, our house is over 60 years old, so it shouldn't have been that surprising!  He removed all of the sub floor, then merrily went to Menard's (his favorite place to be- where you save BIG MONEY and bought some material.

My brother came over to pick up the tiller.  In exchange for the tiller, we got Jacob.  The boys had fun playing together.  He has 4 sisters, so it was probably nice for him to have some boy time.  He is a sweetheart. 

I don't know why Christian always makes ridiculous faces when I try to take a picture.  Oh well- boys.  What can you do?

Abigail's friend from school also came over to play.  It was nice to have her over.  They decided to do each others "makeup"  but instead ended up looking like- well, I don't know.  Lipstick on the face is not easy to get off. 

Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

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