Thursday, March 22, 2012

Found! Signs of Spring

I'm always having camera troubles.  I think it's because I take lots of pictures, then never do anything with them.  bad mom.  I should immediately develop each picture I take- unless I don't like the picture, then I should delete it from my card.  Not so.  I have about 900 pictures on my camera right now.  Some have actually been developed....most have not.  I need to clean this mess up.  Maybe I'll work on that later. 

Hey, look at me.  I'm a sweet little strawberry blossom.  I'm glad you weeded me, I was being chocked by those other guys...
HA HA HA HA HA you little strawberries, we'll get you.  We might look like pretty flowers, but we're not.  We'll choke the life out of you, suck away your precious nutrients until you shrivel into nothingness.
Nothing like a the sight of a Red bud tree to lift my spirits. 
But what is that green I see in the distance by the barn...hmmm...
REMEMBER US? We are feeling quite neglected out here next to the barn. At least the kids pick us when they're out here playing house or farm. Poor Asparagus. I really should not neglect you any longer. I will try harder to be a better gardener
Can't wait for this lilac to open up.  I love how it's right next to the swing, I will be able to just sit and relax.  Or the swing will turn into an amusement park ride, and Christian & Isaac will wildly push me and Jeremiah on it.  At least it will smell nice. 

A nice Spring walk, Jeremiah decided to try to wander into the wilderness.  Not so fast little guy!

Hey, Mom!  There is a stop sign here, so we better stop.

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  1. I love lilacs:) We had some at my house that I grew up in...ahhh.

    I wish we grew strawberries, Joe is allergic, so I guess that's why we don't, but they are so nice. I'm not real psyched that the temps are dropping this coming week, but still no freeze in the forecast I see, so that's good!