Thursday, March 1, 2012

these are the days of our lives...

The mountain of laundry is, well...mounting.  I shall fold it when it's all dry.

I bought various cheeses from Marsh today.  the bag failed to make it home with me.  do I go back to reclaim my bag?  of course.  do I have the time?  of course not.

The mini marathon is creeping up on me, and I haven't run over 6 miles in months, let alone 13.1...ughh... I did run 2 miles and swam a mile today, so that is something, just not enough.  There wasn't enough time to do more.

You should see my storage room- no, wait- you shouldn't.  it's ridiculous

I did play lego's today.  And we ate lunch with Isaac.  When we returned from lunch I made Italian Chicken, read a story to my little guys, changed the diaper that came back from the grave, laid Jeremiah down, made Snickerdoodles & smoothies with Christian, and got the kids lunch's started for tomorrow.

I should be folding the laundry, but like I said, it's not all dry.

And I could be organizing the storage room.  But that is something that needs an entire day dedicated to it.  If not more. 

Life goes by so quickly.  I am blessed to be a stay at home mom- but it amazes me sometimes how much I can't get done in a day.  I guess I better get off the computer and run up to Marsh before I pick the kids up from school and try to reclaim my cheese.  I lost my receipt.  (of course)  I think I threw it away with that awful diaper.  And I am not digging through the trash for that.

Have a blessed day :) 

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