Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am...

There are a lot of things I could do.
There are a lot of things I should do.
There are a lot of things I do...
There are a lot of things I really do

But what should I do?
or be doing?

Sometimes I feel unappreciated.  I think it's easy as a stay at home wife and mother to feel that way.  People don't see the 'behind the scenes' activities.  I don't think most people know what I really do.  In a group of people, the first question asked is usually "So...what do you do?"  Often, I feel embarassed to say..."oh, I stay at home with my kids" 

I am not embarrassed by why do I feel so shameful when confronted with the question?  Sometimes when I hear this question, it's like I've heard the judge put down his javelin with my guilty verdict!  It's ridiculous. 

"Yes...I stay home with the kids..."  I stammer.

Not acceptable.    I should say YES I STAY HOME WITH THE KIDS!  And it should carry just as much weight as if I'd said I am a Neurosurgeon! 

Sadly, it does not. 

I am a good wife
I am a person to confide in
I am a taxi cab
I am a cook
I am a baker (yes, there is a difference)
I am a maid
I am a nurse
I am a psychiatrist
I am a therapist
I am a playmate
I am a teacher
I am a nanny
I am a worm discetor.  (I don't like this job)
I am a hairdresser
I am a friend

I am a child of God.   I forget that one sometimes.  (too often) and HE has created me to be just who I am. 

I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my kids.  I think I would have made a fine doctor.  Growing up, I wanted to be two things.  Either a mommy or a doctor.  (But at least now I'm pretty good at diagnosing my kids illnesses) 

I am happy with life, but I do feel devalued at times.  I could have been... But I am.  I am the mother of 5 of the most amazing kids you'll ever meet.  And they are going to grow up to be amazing adults.


  1. Sarah,
    I am a full-time stay-at-home mom and part-time college professor. I'm pretty certain most people believe I lounge around in my jammies all day until I teach class at night. Those are the same people who have their children in daycare 50-60 hours a week. They have no idea what happens when they are away, but they assume it must not be much. My mother worked crazy amounts of hours when I was growing up, and because of that, I felt it was imparative that I did not do the same. Now my mother loves the fact that I am home with my boys. She often comments on all she missed. It's important to me that their values come from home and not a daycare center. I have a master's degree. I never ever thought that I would be a "house wife." Just the thought of that would have shamed me a decade ago. But now, I look at my boys and I cannot imagine doing it any other way. It is a blessing to be at home. Sometimes people judge out of jealousy, and sometimes they judge out of ignorance. Just remember, the only judge that matters isn't on this earth. Thankfully, we only have to answer to God and not our peers.

    Kyla (Horrell) Krieg

  2. Kyla,

    It's good to hear you are doing well and enjoying the blessing of staying home with your boys. There is so much to do around the home- the tasks are seemingly endless and labor intensive, but not fruitless.

    I truly believe God gave us children to refine us (often by our failures in parenthood) It is stressful, but I would miss out on so much fine-tuning of the soul if I didn't stay home with the kids. Sometimes I think it would be easier to work and put them in daycare!

    Good to hear from you! Have a blessed day.

  3. Sometimes I think it would be easier to work and put them in daycare!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one:) I wouldn't though, this fire is what I need!