Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trying to redeem myself

So I shared I bit too much info yesterday.  I will never share again about singing "Rock The Casbah"  How embarrassing.  More embarrassing that I know most of the words.  yikes.  Josh and I are so different that way.  He can't even hear the words to most songs, just the rhythm, beat...the words are like background noise to him.  I hear all of the words.  Opposites attract.  I could go into another singing shenanigan with that one- but I won't.  You should be thankful. 

We've been busy around here.  Josh is doing trim work, and being the perfectionist he is, it takes a lot of time.  I can wait.  I'd rather have it look nice.  I appreciate his attention to detail.  I have actually hung up a few pictures.  Not my favorite thing to do because Josh is a perfectionist and I'm afraid I won't hang the pictures with exact symmetry.  But, I was forced into action because I was tired of seeing all sorts of pictures piled up on the bookshelf.  I didn't just start pounding nails in the wall, I actually used some of my hidden away math skills and measured things out.   I also dusted the ceiling fans and light fixtures....and I made pizza dough.  (not like I'm bragging about my accomplishments or anything :)

Elijah had a speech meet and won a blue ribbon for an original speech.  It was a great speech about classical music, and how he can use it to glorify God.  He is a good boy.  He will be starting baseball soon...that will be a crazy schedule.  They practice every day after school!  It would be easier if school were closer, but that is the choice we've made, so we'll deal with it.  They go to such a good school, it's worth the extra time.

Abigail is going to her first "sleepover" with people other than family in a couple weeks.  She is 8.  I have been against sleepovers, but I trust the family and know she will not be exposed to things she should not be exposed to- so it will be okay.  She will also be participating in a Math Bee next month.  She and Josh have been working on some math skills together.  She'll do great, especially if Josh is helping her.

Isaac's teacher from school has been on leave b/c she had to have a kidney transplant!  oh my... when I went to eat lunch w/him the sub said if all kids were like Isaac, her job would be so easy!  I'm so blessed by my children.  When I hear things like that, I feel so proud of them.  Not like "I'm the best parent ever...look at how good my kids are!"  No- it's a joy to see that the Holy Spirit is working in their lives.  Isaac played his last basketball game of the season today.  He scored 3 goals, and was very sad to see the season end.  He loves basketball.

Christian is my buddy.  We play hi-ho cherrio and boggle jr.  just about every day.  He knows how to spell simple words and is writing pretty well.  He has his kindergarten testing next month.  I can't believe it!  He is getting so big- Jeremiah sure will miss him when he goes to school.  They are best friends.  He can't wait to play soccer in the fall, and hopes daddy will be his coach. 

It sounds like I'm writing a Christmas letter or something....just trying to keep everyone updated on what's going on.  When you have 5 kids, there is usually a lot going on. baby is going to be 2 on the 25th of this month.  His curly blonde locks are getting curlier and longer.  I fear I shall have to cut them soon.  I said I would cut his hair after he turned 2.  But now that the time is near, I don't think I can go through with it.  He talks a lot.  And he is a wild man!  He gets it from Christian.  He loves the moon.  We had leave the house at 6:30am the other day and the moon was still out.  We were traveling in the same direction as the moon.  He kept saying "look mommy moon....I catch it.  Get moon mommy, get moon."  If you could just hear his voice saying this, it might melt your heart.  He is so sweet. 

So I guess that sums it up.  I could go on more with the details of our lives, but I'm sure you're bored enough.  But at least I'm not talking about the Clash. 


  1. Wow you ARE busy. MY!

    I sometimes feel like I have got it made not having to run everyone around all the time.

    Nick & Tim played baseball a couple of years ago, it was fun, but talk about busy.

    Rachel had her first eye exam today and she does need glasses. It was kind of sad for me, but she was such a big girl at the office and the frames she picked out are so elegant. I can't believe how fast they are growing up.

    I was hesitant about sleepovers, too. She'll have a great time though.

    I have to chuckle at your CD situation. Our CD player as well as the radio,I think it's an electric thing.. in the van broke years ago. Thankfully, we never really go anywhere so it doesn't matter, but the 6 disc changer is full of some of my favorite CDs and they won't come out.

    Now I'm writing a Christmas letter!

  2. Thanks for the Christmas letter Alice! It's good Rachel was able to go this long w/out needing glasses. Abigail got hers in 2nd grade, but probably needed them sooner. Her eyesight keeps getting worse though...

    They all have eye dr. appointments in April. That should be a blast! HA HA.

  3. I always get a little panicked about sleepovers. It seems like there are so many things other families see as normal that I see as unnacceptable. I have had the discussion with my older boys about my concerns. I tell them that all families have different rules, and they have to respect those rules. I also tell them that other kids get to sometimes do things that we don't think are appropriate. I was very proud of my oldest son when he asked another parent why she would let her kids play video games that are rated M for Mature? Her answer wasn't that great, so he told her that we don't play those games in our house because they teach kids bad stuff. He refused to play the games with the kid because he knew I would be disappointed. At 8, he's way more mature than I was at that age. It makes me feel so blessed that he's a better kid than I ever was!!!!!